The Witch Spiritual Archetype

The Witch has a strong belief in themself, which enables them to create magic in their life. Although they may not literally practice magic, they have an innate ability to manifest. They are powerful in your intuitive abilities, regardless of whether or not you have yet harnessed those powers and their full potential.

The Witch understands their power and the power of the divine feminine. The Witch often finds themself in the occupations of a midwife, herbalist, apothecary, healer, coach, or teacher. They are feminists and, if female, may even work in a profession that primarily serves women. If they are male, they may find they are deeply in touch with their feminine side and have mostly female friends. The Witch prefers to be alone or among a small group of trusted allies who are usually female. They have mysterious and powerful energy, especially to outsiders, but are deeply loyal, loving, and committed to the few they let get close to them.

Colors of the Witch: dark green, light green, red, black, rose pink, light purple

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: imagination, creativity, sexual energy, intuition, ability to resolve and dispel negativity and negative energies, self-care, confidence, a healthy reproductive system and ease of conception, happiness

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: an inability to accept yourself, feelings of limitation, lack of self-worth, codependency, sexual promiscuity, insatiable desires, victimization

Governs: pelvis, reproductive organs, bladder, colon, lower abdomen, spleen

Common Physical Ailments: reproductive issues, including infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, impotence, urinary tract and bladder problems; fungal overgrowth, such as candida; kidney infections; low-back pain

Correlating Animal: THE CAT

The Cat represents magic, independence, curiosity, freedom, and adventure. The Witch Spiritual Archetype tends to enjoy their solitude, which can keep them from living their lives to the fullest. The Cat encourages you to step out into the world in larger, more magnifying ways and remain curious about what life offers. Do not hold yourself back because of your desire to remain independent. Allow yourself to leap into opportunities and continuously create more magic.


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