The Recoverist Spiritual Archetype

The Recoverist is the Spiritual Archetype whose main introduction to spirituality is through recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Although they may have had prior experience with religion or spirituality, it was through the trials of life and their surrender of addiction that led them to pursue faith for themself. The Recoverist is a sensitive soul who may or may not realize their sensitivities. Many people who struggle with addiction are unaware of their intuitive or empathic nature or are incredibly emotional people who do not know how to harness their feelings. People who struggle with addiction may even feel as though they are possessed by an outside force when they use or desire to use because of the intensity behind the emotions, some of which are not their own because they may also be picking up on the emotions of their environments. This is especially prevalent with people in Al-Anon or who have childhood experiences with emotionally unstable caregivers.

Colors of the Recoverist: royal blue, regal blues, black, white, gray, red, purple

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: healthy, clear-headed, goal-oriented, successful, positive, motivated, helpful

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: scattered, unhealthy, useless, helpless, depressed, hopeless, selfish, chaotic

Governs: lower back, heart, knees, circulatory system, liver, kidneys

Common Physical Ailments: liver issues, low-back pain, kidney infections, blood issues, circulatory system problems, body aches, knee problems, weak heart

Correlating Animal: THE PEACOCK

The Peacock teaches us to love our true colors. The Recoverist has life experience that teaches others how to love, forgive, and own their stories. By sharing your true colors, you give others the comfort and inspiration to own theirs. The peacock is also a symbol of integrity. Integrity is one of the qualities many people lose while struggling with their addictions and can be challenging to regain even after sobriety. As you live your life of sobriety, ask yourself, “What does integrity look and feel like to me? How can I embody integrity? How can I stay in alignment with my integrity even when situations are difficult for me?” Peacock medicine is here to assist you in coming from your most authentic and integrous place. 

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