“Every person, in every moment, regardless of whether they are consciously aware of it or not, is on a spiritual path.”

The original Spiritual Archetype™ quiz entitled, What is Your Spiritual Archetype? with correlating guidebooks, captivated audiences and has been taken and downloaded over 1 million times worldwide since its release! 

The Spiritual Archetypes™ are the twenty-two most prominent spiritual paths people walk in their pursuit of God. The Spiritual Archetypes™ are personal identities with conscious and unconscious characteristics, behaviors, and beliefs, serving as doorways into our consciousness, which, when we walk through them, provide divine revelation. We gain the ability to understand ourselves better, our path, our patterns, our beliefs, and our reasoning. However, the Spiritual Archetypes™ are not just personal attributes; they also serve as aids in the quest for God and our spiritual path. Understanding our Spiritual Archetype™ gives us insight and clarity to bypass common hardships and recalibrate our quest when needed. Doing so can create the most rewarding path and spiritual experience. 

Take the What is Your Spiritual Archetype? quiz to discover more about yourself, your path, and how the Spiritual Archetypes™ can aid you on your spiritual quest.