The Neoteric Shaman Spiritial Archetype

The first of the Spiritual Archetypes is the Neoteric Shaman. The Neoteric Shaman embodies the spirit of the counselor and advisor of shamans and medicine men and women. Shamans are revered and sought after for their council. Throughout history, they have held a position that was honored and appreciated among their people. The Neoteric Shaman may find that they embody these traits in their life and work. The Neoteric Shaman finds they attract others who are seeking guidance and support without even offering it. People may be drawn to them without explanation. Because they channel this ancient energy, others are drawn to it, seeking their wisdom and counsel.

Colors of the Neoteric Shaman: red, burnt orange, gray, clay brown, bright yellow, dark brown/almost black, bright green, forest green, lava

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: grounded, stable, reliable, centered, focused on self-care, physically active, able to manifest, able to process emotions

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: anxiety, fear, fight-or-flight, insecurity, low self-esteem, anger

Governs: genitalia, feet, bladder, colon, and legs or knees

Common Physical Ailments: knee pain, sciatica, constipation, underactive sex drive, infertility and reproductive issues, poor immune system, laziness, and irritable bowel

Correlating Animal: THE BEAR

The Bear has close ties to shamans in various countries, including in North America and Siberia. Bear represents strength, solitude, healing, connection and communication with Spirit, and hibernation. The Neoteric Shaman has tendencies of codependency and often lacks boundaries. The Bear is a reminder to connect with God first and be strong within yourself before giving to others. You cannot serve from an empty well. Bear encourages you to seek solitude and practice self-care. 

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