“Chemicalization means that things are coming out in a better state of affairs than before. Regardless of what is happening . . .”

-Catherine Ponder

There is a process that can occur on the spiritual path that, without awareness of it, can make a person feel as though all they are practicing spiritually, and all their attempts at healing are failing them. It is such a sizeable occurrence that regardless of a person’s desire to change or uplevel their consciousness, they may, out of frustration and hopelessness, choose to give up entirely. This is known as chemicalization. 

What Is Chemicalization? 

Chemicalization is a process that occurs when we have exposed deeply rooted negative belief systems. It is a physical and worldly reaction caused by a spiritual advancement. When pursuing healing and attempting to raise our consciousness or awaken spirituality, we shed our old belief systems, negative mindset, old fears, and commitment to our (victim) story. When revealing the lies or fears we are particularly committed to, physical manifestations may happen to combat the new truths being spoken to them. 

For instance, if a person is sick or has an extensive history of sick-ness, then begins denying illness, they may become increasingly ill for a time. If a person has had issues with money and starts denying their scarcity mindset, which was initially born from lack and poverty, they may suddenly be hit with outstanding bills. If someone has had exceptional success in a particular area, it may suddenly seem to be falling apart.

The enemy (ego, devil) creates these lying symptoms to regain your engagement. What has happened is a conflict of beliefs and old conditioning. Through conditioning, negative programming, and the subconscious manifestation of our negative beliefs, we become invested in the lies we have come to believe. When we come to a place of realization and denial of these lies, an agitation occurs between the old and new ways of thinking. 

Chemicalization does not happen to everyone, nor does it happen with every spiritual advancement. It mostly happens to people who are deeply committed to their false beliefs. The appearance of chemicalization in our healing is similar to cleaning a house. When we clean our home daily, we maintain its condition. However, when it comes time for deeper cleaning, such as clearing out the garage, basement, or attic, we are met with garbage and old rubbish we forgot we had. As we begin pulling out the old waste, dust, and debris fill the air. There may be cobwebs and bugs hiding in dark spaces. With all our old belongings strewn about, we may wonder if our house will ever return to being clean and organized. But to clean and organize our homes effectively, we must go through the cleansing of the old to lay the foundation for the new. We must commence deep cleaning if we expect more profound results. Chemicalization is the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional equivalent of this deep cleaning. When we begin attending to the dark, unattended crevices of our beliefs and fears, some dust and debris may become unsettled, and the upheaval may cause the appearance of chaos.

Emmet Fox said this about chemicalization: “It seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be disconcerting, but it is a good sign. Suppose your whole world seems to rock on its foundation. Hold on steadily, and let it rock, and when the rocking is over, the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart’s desire.” 

The Stages of Chemicalization

The New Truth Is Introduced  

The first step of chemicalization is when we begin to realize a new truth. When we have believed and committed to a lie and we suddenly introduce truth, our innards start to shift and quake. We begin questioning our old ways, and the seed has been planted for new growth. This is a crucial time when we must continue our studies and insist on this new truth. Abandoning the truth will leave worse turmoil than before. To win this battle, you must commit to braving the storm and continuing with the new truth until the smoke clears and you have reached the other side. 

The Upheaval 

After new revelations are introduced, and we begin denying our false beliefs and affirming the truth, we transition into upheaval. This is the period where the enemy (ego, devil) creates chaos and argument, bringing in situations and people to convince us of our old lies and to abandon our newfound truth. People you know may begin to have issues with you and situations may arise that contend all your proceedings. Remain peaceful and free of fear, knowing that chemicalization is taking place and that peace and goodness are on the other side of the seeming chaos. Do not give up hope or embrace your fear by allowing it to reign over your thoughts and actions. Remind yourself there is nothing to fear and that you are birthing the manifestation of truth in your life. Pray through this period, affirming your authority over the situation: I AM the peace and stillness of God. There is nothing to fear. I AM in the truth of God and the truth of God is within me. I peacefully and joyfully accept God’s truth in my life now.  

The Stillness and Shedding 

After the loudness of the upheaval comes a period of great stillness and the shedding of that which no longer serves us. This is a space in time when we are no longer the person we were and can no longer go back to the same behaviors. This is also where we must let go of what we can no longer relate to. It can feel like a sad time, and you may experience feelings of loss as you release people, places, or things to which you have grown accustomed and attached. It may also feel confusing as to how we can love others yet not feel as though they fit into our new identity. This is not to say that we have become better than anyone or feel superior. It only means that the pieces of who we were and who we are becoming no longer coincide or fit neatly together. As you go through the stillness and shedding, remember these words from A Course in Miracles: “Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.” Only the truth of God will prevail through chemicalization, and His truth cannot be threatened. Only that which serves you and your higher consciousness will remain; the rest will begin to fall away. Focus on the truth and let it be your beacon to guide you through your shedding process.  

The Fulfillment and Uplevel  

At the end of the chemicalization process comes the glorious fulfillment you have been awaiting and working so passionately for. This is the final stage where the results occur and you finally see and feel the fruits of your labor. You may begin to feel healthier than you have ever felt, more prosperous and abundant than you ever have been, more successful than you deemed possible, or create healthier and more loving relationships than you ever imagined. Through chemicalization, you have up-leveled your consciousness to a place where your higher consciousness is more easily honored and governs more of your thoughts and actions.

It is an extraordinary feeling coming out on the other side, and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. This final phase of chemicalization is a personal time where your new changes should be kept secret. Turning to God rather than sharing your newfound perceptions, ideas, and changes with the masses is important. Some experts insist that loudly sharing all your changes may even cause the effects to wear off or fade away. Being still with God is where we should remain during this time as we wait for the final pieces to fall into place and listen for our following insight or direction.  

How to Peacefully Transition Through Chemicalization

The more we deny our fears and old beliefs, the more intense chemicalization can become. The reason is that these old beliefs and fears appear to serve a purpose. When you deny them with the intent to eradicate them, they begin to kick and scream. However, if we gently eliminate them through the power of positive shifting, they are more apt to oblige. Imagine a child being told no for something they request. Upon being denied their request, they may throw a fit. However, if we gently communicate with them and lead their attention to something they can have, they are much more likely to feel peaceful about the situation. Instead of exclusively denying “there is no lack,” you would do better to affirm, “I AM divine prosperity and abundance.” By affirming rather than simply denying, you are leading your old self to the recognition that there is a more peaceful and fulfilling way. 

Affirm the truth relentlessly. Despite all appearances and seeming failure, continue to affirm the truth of God. If you have seen lying symptoms of sickness, declare, “I AM the wholeness and health of God.” If your life seems to be in upheaval, claim the words, “I AM the peace and stillness of God.” Do not give in to the old ways begging for validation, or succumb to the belief that you are not advancing or have fallen from your path. Although chemicalization may feel or sound like a horrible process, it is the confirmation that our work, studies, and healing are taking place on grand levels. Commit to this truth and know that all you are desiring and working for is on the other side of this undoing process.

Excerpt from The Spiritual Archetypes