The Neonate Spiritual Archetype

The Neonate is a person who has recently had a spiritual awakening or who considers themself born again. They are newly developed in their study and understanding and look at their newfound revelation with the eyes of a child. Curious and inquisitive, they are full of wonder as they approach the topics of spirituality and religion. For The Neonate, the world almost seems like a new place, full of mysteries and symbolism they never imagined or noticed before. Many spiritual people think of their spiritual awakening as the beginning of their path; however, each and every person is and has been, on a spiritual path not only from birth but from lifetimes proceeding their current life. Additionally, people can have multiple spiritual awakenings. Your first spiritual awakening is the realization of your path. You may also have other spiritual awakenings where your soul further challenges your beliefs. This may come in the form of a Dark Night of the Soul, or as a time where you realize all of the things you have come to know or believe are challenged on a deeper level. Since healing and growth happen in layers, you may go through a spiritual awakening, feeling like you have everything figured out, only to have your soul push you into the next layer, which awakens you on a deeper level and either challenges everything you have come to know or confirms where you are by making you practice what you preach.

Colors of the Neonate: bright blue, white, light yellow, sage/lime green, bright purple.

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: perceptive, clear, insightful, observant, knowledgeable, wise, awake

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: judgmental, guilt, shame, out of place, disconnected, overwhelmed, chemicalization, a holier-than-thou mentality

Governs: brain, stomach, bowels, heart, third eye, thyroid

Common Physical Ailments: Some of the uncomfortable symptoms of a spiritual awakening are: 

Feeling wired and tired
Random aches and pains
Cold or flu out of nowhere with no apparent origin
The Enlightenment Trap see page 344 for full description
Self-judgment and projected judgment



Correlating Animal: THE BUTTERFLY
A spiritual awakening or spiritual rebirth is a metamorphosis. It is a process that occurs and can take days, weeks, months, or years to fully develop. Just as a caterpillar does not rush its metamorphosis, we must be patient with ourselves and let the process happen organically. While we do not see its transition in the cocoon, a long evolution takes place, and it emerges as a butterfly. For many of us, we believe a spiritual awakening is a representation of going from a caterpillar to a butterfly, but that is not the case. Having the awakening is just the beginning. Our awakening is the moment we realize we are a caterpillar and that we are destined to become a butterfly. The awakening, and everything that follows, is our evolution in the cocoon. The advice I give anyone experiencing their own metamorphosis is to observe. By observing we allow our newfound self to integrate and we may also be divinely led to our next phase of healing. Changing our consciousness is not only about doing; it’s equally about being. After a spiritual awakening, a deeper part of ourselves is provoked, and while ready to shine, it is not forceful. It is content with its awakened state and happy to marinate while awaiting its next junction. The enemy and our own egos are what initiate these traps, telling us we aren’t doing enough and that if we do not do more, we will become the person we fear most: our old selves. Our initial spiritual awakening may only last a moment, but it is speaking to our higher consciousness to lure us to reach our highest potential. An awakening is an opportunity to embark on a lifelong quest, and conquering the enemy that sets these traps is an essential part of that journey. By accepting our quest, we have the capability to transcend our enemy to a higher consciousness, thus

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