The Ancestor Spiritual Archetype

The Ancestor sees the footsteps of the past as lost treasures to who we are and the future of our world. They know that so many answers to life’s biggest questions can be found in the truths of our past. The ways of our ancestors taught us how to listen to our bodies, connect with the Earth, and utilize nature in our lives and spirituality. They see the separation and segregation that has occurred through time and how this has bred a problem that only worsens in our modern living. Pain and suffering negativity affect us all, and they are on a mission to create resources, opportunities, and liberation accessible to everyone equally. They desire to reconnect with nature, their past, and themself, creating more authentic and organic living. 

Colors of the Ancestor: deep red, forest green, light brown, dark brown, terra-cotta, crystal blue

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: harmony, equality, growth, peace, happiness, grounded, fluid

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: oppressed, anxious, helpless, frustrated, angry, resentful

Governs: feet, stomach, heart, reproductive organs

Common Physical Ailments: autoimmune disorders, candida, reproductive issues, swollen feet, bunions, acid reflux, leaky gut, IBS

Correlating Animal: THE BUFFALO

Buffalo medicine is about balance; the balance of male and female, prayer, abundance, life, and birth. It is also about knowing that God is present in all things and that our greatest strength does not come from our wisdom; instead, it comes through our surrender to let God do the work through us. The Ancestor uses ancient techniques and wisdom in their philosophy of life and work but sometimes forgets that it was not just the ancestors who came up with all this ingenious information. They were in communion with God who gave it to them. Buffalo medicine reminds us that without God, our knowledge stays with the Earth, But with God, our wisdom transcends Earth and becomes holy. Buffalo was known to the Plains people as a great provider and honored its life. They saw the sacrifice of its life for the greater good of the people, providing food, shelter, and clothing. By sacrificing part of our worldly selves, we transcend our consciousness for the greater good of ourselves and the world.

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