The Wayfarer Spiritual Archetype


If the spiritual path was an expedition to discover new lands, The Wayfarer would be the captain of the ship leading the voyage. Curious, adventurous, and sincere, they approach spirituality and God with vigor. They desire to explore spirituality through adventure, travel, and wanderlust. For the Wayfarer, life, and spirituality are about discovery, and they seek to find it on their own terms. They want to feel liberated and seek to help others feel this liberation as well. Where others see limitations, they see possibilities. Their heart is their compass and their compass points to adventure. For them, nothing is insurmountable; it just needs the proper mindset, will, and execution to achieve anything. 

Colors of the Wayfarer: olive green, forest green, ocean blue, beige, light brown, dark brown, medium bold orange

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: independent, brave, adventurous, bold, free, levelheaded, liberated

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: confined, dull, lifeless, tapped, monotonous, aimless, duped, gullible, restless, directionless, mediocre

Governs: glands, testicles, womb, bladder, lower back, head Common Physical Ailments: overactive bladder, ADHD, dyslexia, inflammation of the sexual organs, uterine cysts, sciatica, lower-back issues

Correlating Animal: THE WOLF

Independent, willful, wild, and loyal, the Wolf is the perfect animal symbol for The Wayfarer. The Wayfarer is an explorer and adventurer who seeks freedom and lives life without borders, just like the wolf who also loves freedom and wildness. With a keen sense of intuition, The Wayfarer, like the wolf, relies on instincts to protect themself and others. The wolf also represents strength, mirroring the inner strength of The Wayfarer, who is grounded, strong, and determined in their life and endeavors.

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