The Mythologist Spiritual Archetype

The Mythologist relishes in the magic of lore, mythology, and storytelling, daydreaming about the existence of unicorns, fairies, wizards, and mermaids. They believe in man’s ability to induce magic and miracles into corporal form. They love stories, especially in-depth tales of faraway places that transport them from the modern day. They have a fondness for fantasy books and films and are fascinated by gods and legends. They believe in sacred sites and the power they hold from lifetimes ago. They dream of or enjoy traveling to places like England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Greece, which are rich with the tales of kings and queens, gods, and magic. They adore metals, tapestries, patterns, and textiles that remind them of these times. They probably have a large crystal collection or altar with pictures and statues that resemble their archetype, such as goddesses and warriors.

Colors of the Mythologist: gold, medium blue, bright red, silver, deep orange, soft yellow, purple

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: imagination, optimism, a strong sense of personal power, victory

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: issues with self-worth, desire for power, materialistic, easily seduced, anxiety, fatigue

Governs: pancreas, liver and kidneys, colon, stomach, upper intestines, lower back

Common Physical Ailments: poor digestion, eating disorders, hepatitis, colon cancer and disease, ulcers, weight problems, gas.

Correlating Animal: THE DRAGON

The Dragon represents change, transformation, leadership, mastery, divine illumination, and power. The Mythologist has a deep connection to the need for the balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine. The Dragon acts as a foundation of this balance providing the masculine traits of earth and fire, and the feminine traits of water and air. The Dragon carries intensity and ferocity and is a strong protector while offering emotional healing and intuition. The Dragon is a reminder for you that you can be the power of your divine masculine while still keeping your fluid, intuitive, and receptive divine feminine.

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