The Warrior Spiritual Archetype


The Warrior is a person who embodies God’s blessings of strength, perseverance, and skill. They are often athletes, military, veterans, or competitors in their field. The Warrior is an expert in precision and meticulous detail. They have trained themselves to perfection personally or in their field and strive to reach the highest possible achievements. They don’t want to just be “good” at what they do; they aspire to be the best. This may make them competitive, not necessarily in a spiteful or egotistical way, but because they see the potential of themselves and others. They encompass the strength and endurance of humanity and how when we connect our body, spirit, and mind, we are capable of greatness. To the Warrior, life is an arena where you win, succeed, and triumph over your own fears, but it’s also about restrictions. If they are told they cannot do something, it only drives them more.

Colors of the Warrior: gold, dark blue, navy blue, bright blue, orange, yellow, red

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: equipped, strategic, courageous, in the zone, precise, focused, dignified, heroic, glorious, confident, valuable, non-expendable, and competitive

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: hostile, weak, defiant, compulsive, stressed, overwhelmed, helpless, lethargic, depressed, insomnia, deep-seated anger, or frustration

Governs: head, ears, eyes, sinuses, knees, ankles, hips, legs, ankles, knees, femur, arms, shoulders, brain Common Physical Ailments: arthritis, muscle spasms, sprained, fractured, or broken bones, ligament ruptures, knee pains, fractured discs

 Correlating Animal: THE RAM

The ram symbolizes the warrior spirit and the ability to drive forward headfirst into situations with ferocity, strength, and brute force. Like Aries, the ram signifies ambition, leadership, and being assertive. However, Aries can be impulsive, and the ram reminds us to think before we leap and instead approach situations with planning and organization. The ram encourages us to utilize skill and personal power to dual against the challenges in our lives with determination and success.

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