The Eastern Philosopher Spiritual Archetype


The Eastern Philosopher is a thoughtful, unchallenging personality, who seeks to discover and live their dharma and purpose. They are subdued and prefer to avoid confrontation and see the world’s conflicts as mirrors of themselves. They are compassionate with a soft heart. They see beauty in the smallest of details and believe in letting everything be as it is meant to be. They look to the wisdom of Buddha and other ascended masters to assist them in their journey and on their spiritual path. They love to laugh and most likely have the loudest, most infectious laugh in the room. They love seeing other people smile and believe spirituality should combine ancient teachings with fun, contentment, and gratitude. 

Colors of the Eastern Philosopher: green, yellow, gold, orange, earth tones, sage, or jade green

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: compassion, love, inner peace, stillness, friendly, outgoing, letting go, balance, and self-acceptance

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: anger, loneliness, self-sabotage, victimization, blame, emotionally closed off, and feelings of not belonging

Governs: heart, breast, chest, arteries, blood flow, circulation, upper back, thymus gland, respiratory system

Common Physical Ailments: heart pain, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallbladder and liver issues, breast cancer, lung problems

Correlating Animal: THE CRANE
The crane represents family, success, balance, grace, and prosperity. The Eastern Philosopher carries the beliefs, struggles, and adversity of their ancestors. The Crane encourages you to use your past as a source of strength in the present. Everyone has past struggles, and the crane reminds us to use our past rather than to become or relive it. The East-ern Philosopher has a tendency to avoid their emotions and become overly intellectual. The Crane serves as a reminder to express, witness, and honor your emotions. Creativity and joy are powerful tools for the Eastern Philosopher to connect to their feelings and process them in a way that is healthy and useful.

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