The Artist Spiritual Archetype

When used in sync with God, art is the creative expression of the Holy Spirit. The Artist can act as a conduit for that expression, bringing a connection and manifestation of God into the world that changes lives in ways no other format or medium can. Art can sincerely evoke the deepest emotions within ourselves, initiate healing, and communicate in a way that bypasses the ego and shoots straight for the heart. For the Artist, art, color, and texture are all a form of meditation and growth. Art is a way that they put themselves into the world, and this draws people to them who feel divinity through their work. The Artist is a special archetype because they see holiness and beauty where others often do not. One of the most precious spiritual gifts we can give to one another is to see the light within every person we meet; even when it seems there is only darkness. The Artist naturally has this ability and unknowingly practices it through their art and work.

Colors of the Artist: The colors of the Artist vary based on their own inspirational color palette. You may resonate with deep earth tones, light pastels, watercolors, gorgeous jewel tones, or white, gray, and black.

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: inspired, grounded, prolific, abundant, productive, outgoing, innovative, happy, gifted

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: poor, broke, uninspired, frustrated, willing to lower your standards, anxious, depressed, hopeless

Governs: heart, lungs, eyes, ears, hands

Common Physical Ailments: emotional imbalances, mental disorders such as anxiety or depression, arthritis, throat issues such as laryngitis or sore throat

Correlating Animal: THE SPIDER The spider is nature’s true artist, creating intricate webs of lace and design. Its medicine encourages you to create and allow yourself to flow with the creative energy that is natural to you. The spider also represents receptivity and feminine energy. There may be money or opportunities you are not seeing, and the spider reminds you to stay open and receptive to the abundance of your spiritual privilege. In some cultures, people believe that the spider represents the shadow self. When a spider totem presents itself, it is asking you to face and love the parts of yourself you are ashamed of or dislike. By loving all aspects of ourselves, we become free from our ego, which makes us better people and artists.

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