The Saint Spiritual Archetype

The Saint is the Spiritual Archetype that relates to and resonates with the divine feminine of the Blessed Mother. They see the anointing of Mother Mary and the heart of her purpose and mission and feel admiration and appreciation. While much of religion focuses solely on God and Jesus, they cherish Mary’s motherly words, wisdom, and love. Additionally, The Saint acts as a mother to those around them. They, too, are loved, admired, and cherished by those in their life, especially those they have mothered or been nurturing to. While The Saint is known for their tender heart, they have a strong spirit that is made stronger by going softer. The Saint Spiritual Archetype is about doing big things while loving the simplistic. No one does this better than The Saint. For them, dreaming and gratitude go hand in hand, and this is part of their charm. Just like Mother Mary, who lived a humble life yet had one of the most monumental tasks of all time, they are grateful for all that they have but aspire to live God’s purpose in their life in a big way.

Colors of the Saint: royal blue, pink, white, peach, light green, lilac

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: peaceful, joyful, harmonious, kind, loving, generous, proud, creative, open, thoughtful, devoted, nurturing

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: anxious, worried, heartache, distant, detached, overwhelmed, small, insignificant, people-pleasing, resentment

Governs: stomach, heart, chest, breast, feet, fingers

Common Physical Ailments: fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, nervous system ailments, wired or tired, insomnia, inflamed gallbladder

Correlating Animal: THE DEER

Deer medicine represents gentleness, sensitivity, and intuition. The stag is the king of the forest, nurturing, protecting, and considering all of the other animals in his kingdom. Similarly, The Saint’s mission is to protect, nurture, and give guidance through gentleness rather than pushing or forcing. The Saint knows there is power in loving, supporting, and encouraging people with a loving hand instead of an iron fist. Deer medicine reminds us that softness is a strength, nurturing doesn’t mean being passive, and that leading with heart is a beautiful and healthy way to help others heal, grow, and love.

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