The New Ager Spiritual Archetype

In the words of Vine Deloria Jr., “Religion is for people who believe in hell; spirituality is for the ones who have been there.” The New Ager has been through the trenches and seeks to incorporate spirituality into every aspect of their life. They’ve spent their lifetime practicing spirituality in others’ way and are ready to live and practice on their terms. They most likely come from a background with a strong religious figure, such as an overbearing or abusive Catholic parent. Therefore, they may generally not be on the best terms with their immediate family and may be considered the black sheep. They celebrate life and see their friends as the family they choose. They enjoy group gatherings, conferences, expos, and tours with friends and familiar faces. Spirituality is a journey, and they enjoy traveling their journey with loving souls who “get it.” Being around others who understand the concepts of spiritual beliefs such as past lives and karma helps them to freely express their experiences without feeling odd or that they are being judged.

Colors of the New Ager: dark greens, grays, dark blues, dark purples, burgundy

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: a release of childhood trauma, forgiveness, the letting go of resentments, fearlessness, intuition, self-expression, communication, centered, living in the present moment, freedom of expression

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: headaches, lack of purpose, too analytical, afraid to voice your opinions or are overly vocal sharing opinions that stem from ego, lack of connection, depression, sore throat, paranoia

Governs: throat, ears, neck, shoulders, thyroid, mouth, tongue

Common Physical Ailments: immunity disorders, strep throat, thyroid problems, throat problems, speech issues, back problems, lymphatic problems, and strange illnesses doctors cannot diagnose

 Correlating Animal: THE SNAKE
The snake represents healing, transformation, primal energy, wisdom, and rebirth. New Agers tend to have painful and challenging pasts. The snake is your totem as a reminder that you can heal from your past and be reborn into your most divine and authentic self. The New Ager can also have a tendency to “space out” or become unattached to the present. The snake guides you in staying close to the earth while simultaneously looking to the heavens. One of the most common attributes of the New Ager is that they can sometimes look into too many modalities or belief systems or get swept up in something they are told without basing their commitment on facts. The snake asks you to fully digest the opportunities, information, and knowledge you receive in a more thoughtful and intentional manner.

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