The Metaphysician Spiritual Archetype

The Metaphysician is a student of science, mind, and spirituality. Educated, and well-versed in theories, ideas, and facts, the Metaphysician seeks to bridge the chasm between science and spirit. The Metaphysician is a fascinating Spiritual Archetype because they have their mind in this world and are exceedingly intelligent, but also have a strong intuition and connection with their soul, the supernatural, and God. They are unique in their ability to connect with God through mathematics and science. The Metaphysician is one of the most progressive, innovative, and ingenious of the Spiritual Archetypes. Their contributions to the medical, scientific, and spiritual fields are expectational and unrivaled.

Colors of the Metaphysician: watercolors: yellow-gold, orange, red, blue, teal

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: clarity, determination, self-assurance, insightful, intuitive, connected, logical, rational, composed

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: overworked, exhausted, fatigue, overwhelmed, self-conscious

Governs: spleen, stomach, muscles, thyroid, heart, brain

Common Physical Ailments: stomach issues, nervousness, fatigue due to overworking and overwhelm, mental fog and dissociation, muscle aches

Correlating Animal: THE NARWHAL
A creature who embodies both the physical and spiritual, the “unicorn of the sea,” has long been believed to hold magical powers. From the Vikings to the Intuit, the narwhal has captured people’s attention for centuries. With its unique horn, believed to be used as a sensory organ, the narwhal is almost like a scientist of the sea with a witching wand in tow. Beautiful and majestic, their tusks (which can reach up to ten feet long) are spiraled, representing the connection to Earth and God, or worldly consciousness and spiritual consciousness, something the Metaphysician is constantly exploring and attempting to put into data and research.


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