The Christian Mystic Spiritual Archetype

The Christian Mystic believes in the power and authority of God and resonates with the spiritual and supernatural influence found in the Bible and mysticism. They are drawn to aspects of the Bible, such as the raising of the dead, angels, and healing of the sick. When Jesus commissions His apostles to go out and do the works of God, the Christian Mystic takes this personally and knows that they, too, can do all He did and more. For the Christian Mystic, God is a God of love, miracles, and omnipresence, and they seek to discover, understand, and embody these attributes in their life. 

Colors of the Ancestor: deep red, forest green, light brown, dark brown, terra-cotta, crystal blue

Colors of the Christian Mystic: cobalt blue, gold, rose gold, amethyst purple, white, pink, emerald green, deep red, orange

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: faith, wisdom, intuition, guidance, knowing, hope, authority

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: attached to your suffering, identify with your fear as a means of showing strength, judgment toward others, lack of faith, hopelessness, powerless, fearful

Common Physical Ailments: anxiety, fear, morning sickness, food intolerances and allergies, eating disorders, cancer, candida, feminine and masculine imbalances

Correlating Animal: THE LAMB
While many people take offense to being referred to as sheep, the lamb is trusting, childlike, sweet, and follows its shepherd. Shepherds love and protect their flock. They are humble, patient, and caring. Sheep know and follow their shepherd’s voice and are dependent on their shepherd, trusting him unfailingly. The lamb represents the purity and innocence of the Christian Mystic but also represents sacrifice. The lamb has symbolism throughout the Bible, referring to the sacrifice of the flesh for the initiation of the spirit. The Christian Mystic, however, offers themself as the sacrifice and would do well to remember that the sacrifice has already been made. Instead of putting ourselves on the chopping block for others, keep in mind that there is a Savior. While we can do our best to help others, the work has already been done for us all.

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