The Crusader Spiritual Archetype

 The Crusader is a warrior with their words, actions, and beliefs. They fight against injustice, wrongdoings, and inequality to make a better world. While they may be fighters for the environment and animals, the Crusader is more of a social reformer, civil rights leader, and activist. Diplomatic, passionate, and strong-willed, the Crusader is a rebel against the status quo but a hero to those in need of change. The Crusader is on a mission for advancement in areas that need attention and are lacking. They have seen or experienced conflict or oppression and are impelled to reform and evolve not only the situations but the consciousness and perceptions around them. Not only do they aspire to help those in need, but they also seek to educate to reduce the problem from the root.

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: in control, directed, encouraged, influential, compelling, persuasive, credible, impelling, loving, peaceful

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: defeated, beaten, tired, powerless, abandoned, tyrannized, oppressed, distressed, subservient, inferior

Governs: heart, chest, aorta, throat, mouth, lower legs between the ankles and knees

Common Physical Ailments: head and brain issues, including seizures; ulcers from stress and worry; pleurisy; dysentery; appendicitis; high blood pressure; constipation and diarrhea

Animal Totem: THE LION Fierce, brave, and full of majesty, the lion is the reigning leader of the animal kingdom. The lion, like the Crusader, is a symbol of personal strength, courage, and authority in struggle and adversity. Lion medicine is fierce and reminds us to call upon its brawn in moments when you need vitality and tenacity. Lions are protective of their space, their young, and their pride. Similarly, the Crusader is protective of those whom they love and care about, whether in their life or through their cause. Lions are also willing to fight and will face a challenge head-on, like the Crusader who looks for change, progression, and advancement and is willing to fight for it. 


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