The Oracle Spiritual Archetype

The Oracle is an astrologer, numerologist, sacred geometrist, or someone who lives their life and spirituality based on numbers and cosmic influence. The Oracle is a cosmic counselor who gives intuitive and spiritual advice, guidance, and wisdom. While psychologists focus on a limited aspect of the human psyche by concentrating specifically on the brain and its functions, the Oracle is a metapsychologist who encompasses a more holistic view of the human condition by including the mind, body, and spirit relationship. Because of their line of work or interest, the Oracle has an innate ability to see people’s uniqueness. In all of the world, and in all of the universe, the planets, stars, and numbers all align to make one specific person or event. The Oracle is a witness to the magic and awe of these events and heralds the news of these happenings. They are a messenger and a communicator who articulates to people who they can be and the lives they can live by working with their natural abilities, strengths, and characteristics.

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: insightful, radical, adventurous, wise, therapeutic, empowered, content

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: depleted, chaotic, restricted, lost, perfectionism, uncertainty

Governs: eyes, third eye, mouth, throat, hands

Common Physical Ailments: eye disorders, menstrual issues, identity crisis, mental and emotional struggles

Correlating Animal: THE OWL

Owls have long had meaning around intuition, wisdom, and prophecy. The owl is primarily associated with Athena, the goddess of art, war, wisdom, and council, who is often depicted with an owl. It was said that the owl shared its wisdom with Athena, telling her secrets and knowledge. Nocturnal in nature with large eyes, the owl represents the ability to see through the dark and where others cannot. Like the Oracle, who looks for secrets and wisdom in the universe, the owl guides us to see through seeming appearances and look for the truth and wisdom behind what others may not see.


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