The Occultist Spiritual Archetype

The Occultist thinks outside of the box in every area of life. They ponder the meaning of everything and are fascinated by the secrets of the universe. Occultists may find that they sometimes push things too far and walk the line of what is moralistic in regard to society’s standards. They go through periods of genius where they become enveloped in studies and research. They love tumbling down the path of knowledge and lock themselves away to become completely immersed. They love the supernatural and are drawn to the possibility of other dimensions. They may even connect to this side through ritual, or it may be drawn to them. The Occultist studies metaphysics, philosophy, and space. They love science fiction, supernatural lore, parapsychology, astrology, numerology, and learning about other occultists and meta-physicians. They could (and most likely do) spend hours researching space, alchemy, and philosophy.

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: insight, intuition, knowledge, psychic vision, self-realization, self-expression, clairvoyance, clairaudience, willpower, telepathy

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: illusion, nightmares, depression, isolation, bipolar disorder, mood swings, addiction

Governs: nervous system, ears, nose, brain, eyes

Common Physical Ailments: frequent headaches; tonsillitis; neck pain; thyroid problems; chronic cough; sinus infections; mental health issues, including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder

Correlating Animal: THE RAVEN The raven represents the master magician, mystery, mysticism, power of thought, creation, magic, self-knowledge, shape-shifting, and introspection. The raven symbolizes bringing light into the darkness, something the Occultist needs deeply. In many cultures, the raven symbolizes death, which embodies the transitions in life and the death and rebirth that takes place. The raven represents magic and the magic within you. They are persistent creatures and not easily intimidated. In many cultures throughout time, raven medicine symbolizes magic and the transformation of consciousness. In Native American stories, the raven is a shapeshifter. Similarly, the Occultist is constantly growing in their consciousness both personally and spiritually. Sometimes healing requires us to go into dark spaces we didn’t know lay dormant in our minds. In Native American folklore, the raven tricked the Gods into giving him the Sun so he could place it in the sky to light the world. The raven accompanies us into these dark places, illuminating them with light and casting out the darkness. Similarly, raven magic supports and empowers the Occultist to step into their divine power and bring light into the world. As you go through a phase of healing or growth, call on the medicine of the raven to assist you in bringing light to your situation and casting out the darkness of old paradigms and belief systems.  

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