The Lightworker Spiritual Archetype

The Lightworker does not just practice spirituality; they make it a lifestyle. Spirituality is not a space of time carved out in their day to sit and meditate, pray, or study (although they do those things as well). Rather, it is something they strive to embody in the way they think, act, eat, exercise, and live. They may subscribe to other Lightworkers’ newsletters and email lists, listen to spiritual podcasts, and attempt to fill their energetic field with high vibrational information at all times. Their bookshelves are full of spiritual literature. Even their material possessions, such as jewelry, are meaningful, high-energy pieces. They genuinely love the magic of the light and desire it to fill all facets of their life.

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: compassionate, nurturing energy, joy, peace, intuition, empathy, in-tune, powerful, positive

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: spiritual cynicism and snobbery, lack of grounding, inability to manifest, lack of connection, depression, helplessness, and a loss of faith Governs: head, ears, brain, eyes, nervous system, immune system

Common Physical Ailments: chronic pains, lower-back problems, upper-shoulder and neck tension and issues, depression, epilepsy, spinal problems, infertility, issues with nerves such as nerve damage or loss of control, hormonal imbalances, hair loss

Correlating Animal: THE DOLPHIN
The Lightworker usually finds the spiritual path through wading in life’s difficult waters. Dolphin medicine is about rebirth, courage, and self-confidence, all traits you need on the spiritual path. If you are new to the spiritual path, call on dolphin medicine to assist you in your spiritual rebirthing. The Lightworker is a fun, happy, and energetic personality that lights up the room. Dolphin medicine reminds us to let go and be happy when life has become too serious. If you’re not attracting what you desire, get into the vibration of Dolphin medicine to assist you in manifesting your desires.

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