The Mindset Master Spiritual Archetype

The Mindset Master can do and achieve anything because they believe they can. Just like the great minds, such as Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie. The Mindset Master believes no limitation outside of themselves can hold them down because the power of their mind can break any chain, knock down any wall, and find a way where others believe there are none. The power of the mind is an unstoppable force that, when properly utilized, can achieve monumental success. Most Mindset Masters come from modest beginnings, which motivated them to create more for themselves. Sharing this gift with others is a driving force in their life. They see how influential the human mind is at creating our life and feel the need to share this knowledge with others.
When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: direction, clarity, growth, success, achievement, satisfaction, mindful, conscious, vigilant, positive
When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: poor, rash, thoughtless, unaware, negative, remiss, deceitful, overly intellectual, discouraged
Governs: arteries, intestines, brain, lymph nodes
Common Physical Ailments: bowel issues, intestinal issues, plaque on arteries, swollen lymph nodes or blockages in the lymph node region, growths on the brain or pituitary, dyslexia, speech impediments, ADHD
Correlating Animal: THE TURTLE
Like the Mindset Master who usually comes from humble beginnings, the turtle is known to be capable of living in various environments. Additionally, the turtle proves that steady but persistent perseverance pays off. The Mindset Master knows that this type of patience, coupled with determination, may seem slow to others but is ultimately a winning combination. Remember, while you may have a goal in your mind and the will to get there, turtle medicine is also about inner peace and slowing down, within and outside of your mind. If you feel you have excessive racing thoughts or are being too hard on yourself, think of the turtle and the patience and space it gives itself to be, exist, and get to its destination in due time.

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