The Theologist Spiritual Archetype

The Theologist’s mission in life is to know God in profound ways. They read the Scripture and ancient texts that describe the omnipotent presence of God and yearn to know this presence in their life. They believe that man holds the power to attain incredible aspects of our divine authority and seek to claim this in their life. They may be interested in biblical history and archeology. They are incredibly intelligent and study profusely. They have a library of leaders they follow and admire who will assist them in achieving success on their path. They look to God’s guidance and realize inspiration and direction come from everywhere, everything, and everyone, despite its appearance. They use life as their teacher and are open to the possibilities and lessons it provides. 

When Balanced, You May Feel or Experience: wisdom, love, peace, synchronicity, joy, divine guidance, spiritual insight, intuition, inspiration, hope, and compassion

When Unbalanced, You May Feel or Experience: spiritual cynicism, lack of grounding, inability to manifest, lack of connection to Spirit, depression, helplessness, loss of faith, or anger and frustration toward others’ poor choices

Governs: brain, pituitary gland, hypothalamus gland, cerebral cortex, nervous system

Common Physical Ailments: Tmj; Alzheimer’s disease; thyroid and pineal gland disorders; neck and shoulder issues; problems with facial region, including, eyes, nose, mouth; neurological disorders; water retention (edema)

Correlating Animal: THE DOVE
The dove is a messenger from the Holy Spirit, reminding you of your connection to God. It reminds the Theologist to look at the world with innocence rather than with all the knowledge you have obtained. Knowledge has its place, but it is a mental process; whereas innocence is felt with the heart. Healing and helping others must be done from a heart-centered place. In psychology, the mind is defined as the ego. Therefore, if you attempt to help others with your mind, you will always be allowing ego to enter. Open your heart, not your mind, and you will live in God’s consciousness

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