The Spiritual Archetypes (paperback edition)


“Every person, in every moment, regardless of whether they are consciously aware of it or not, is on a spiritual path.” 

Initially created as a quiz entitled What’s Your Spiritual Archetype? with correlating guidebooks, the Spiritual Archetypes captivated audiences and has been taken and downloaded over 1 million times worldwide since its release. Updated and expanded, The Spiritual Archetypes takes readers on a journey into the twenty-two most prominent paths people explore in their spiritual pursuits.

In The Spiritual Archetypes, Christian Kurz illuminates the spiritual paths through myths, stories, folklore, song lyrics, history, and unique symbolism. The Spiritual Archetypes, discovered and designed by Kurz, offer immense opportunities for spiritual growth, healing, and awareness. With this unique approach to spirituality, Kurz has created a powerful inquiry into the soul’s journey and sheds light on the connection of the collective while honoring the individuality of the experience. Whether new to the path or a seasoned seeker, The Spiritual Archetypes will expand new levels of consciousness, understanding, and realization for those looking for the most authentic, aligned, and rewarding quest.



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